Site Maintenance and Memorialisation

The strategic goal of the »Connecting Memory« project is to cooperate with local governments with respect to the sustainable maintenance of mass grave sites. This has been achieved for 21 memorials – all of those built in 2010–2019 as part of the previous project, »Protecting Memory«.  

However, with the onset of the Russian invasion, community priorities have changed dramatically. Available resources, including those from local budgets, are utilized for defence purposes in the war. Therefore, in 2022 and 2023, the »Connecting Memory« project financially supported measures for the upkeep of previously developed memorial sites. The project has also carried out initial development activities at two locations: in Holoby (Volyn Region) and in Sobolivka (Vinnytsia Region). In addition, the existing memorial in Kolodianka (Zhytomyr Region) has been adjusted to take into account an appeal from the local community and supplemented with an sitting area designated for reflection. The construction and installation of information boards in Holoby and Sobolivka will be completed in 2023.